Friday, February 18, 2011

This just in from one of Etsy's Biggest, Most Popular Sellers

"I had my fingers slapped recently for a thread I started. I questioned the reason behind it, & the reason was swiftly changed to something even more vague & bewildering.

My tactic is to not post on the forum so much any more. I can't read minds, predict the future, or keep ahead of any arbitrary, inconsistent reasons why I might be reprimanded.

Also, I have worked hard to become an independent business person & have made a lot of sacrifices to get here, & I love being my own boss. The last thing I need is to be treated like a child & given conduct lessons - especially by a corporation of which I am a CUSTOMER, not an employee, not a subordinate.

So anyway, that's my take on recent developments. Meh."

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