Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Also Regarding the 'Conversation Hearts' Storque Article Fiasco

"I started to write a comment on the blog article itself, but the comments were locked. In the event Etsy reads this thread, I'll just post it here. It seems out of place now, but oh well.

Writer, you were probably just trying to be edgy, I get it. "Oh, I'll use masturbation analogies for 5th graders! I'll pretend that GATE kids are better than other kids! And I'll use homophobic graphics! The juxtaposition of the sugary heart candy with all the grown up 'problems' like herpes and being gay will be so original and avant-garde!"

Originally, I was offended by this piece. I reread it a day later, curious to see if I was over-reacting. I don't believe I was, I think I just had the *wrong* reaction. Instead, now I pity you, Writer, for trying and failing. The best artists and writers and so on who are 'edgy' and 'shocking' are the ones trying to reveal a deeper truth about humanity that sometimes others around them can't grasp at first. Lenny Bruce, Pina Bausch, Bertolt Brecht, John Steinbeck, Jean-Michel Basquiat and so on and so on. 

This example of your writing, however, brings to mind a 4th rate Howard Stern. But perhaps I'm presuming too much of your ambitions; perhaps all you really want to do is make money writing, and goodness knows Howard Stern types make gobs of it. Perhaps Etsy sought you out specifically, knowing your brand of Edgy is likeJerry Springer - fluffy, inconsequential, yet mildly entertaining when sitting around in the lobby waiting to be called into jury duty at 3 in the afternoon and the remote has no batteries. That very well could have been the precise effect Etsy was going for when they used you for the Storque, and you can't be blamed for just doing what you do.

Me? I just make coasters. Unassuming, unpretentious little items that guard your coffee table against stains. I will never produce anything Great or life-changing. I think we have a kinship, dear Writer, you and I."

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