Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"It's Just Not Working"

"I'm all gleefully passionate about helping out new Etsy sellers. I make treasuries and recently started a tumblr to help get amazing new shops some great exposure. (check out it out if you like: *******)

However, since the obliteration of the forums, it's been a lot harder to find newbies. Pounce is my friend, obviously, but once a great shop gets its first sale, it's pretty hard to find. 

I used to scour the forums for dedicated sellers who were working hard on their shops and felt desperate for a little help. So many talented new sellers would come to the forums looking for advice in critiques, or a sale in promos, and I would snap them up and give them what little help I could. 

The way the teams are now just isn't attracting new sellers the way the forums were. It's scattered and intimidating for newbies. It's just not working. 

I may not have posted much in the old forums, but they were still a valuable tool to me and an integral part of my Etsy experience. Obviously the many complex ways that the forums contributed to Etsy were not considered before it was decided to destroy them. I know that Etsy will not listen to this. But I figured I would speak up for those of us who lurked the forums for reasons that helped Etsy as a whole.

It's frustrating that I can't uncover passionate new etsy artists the way I used to! I mean, I still find a lot of great sellers, but I miss the days when I could just open up critiques and find a plethora of new talent."

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