Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Thank You to Etsy

...To Etsy for eliminating the forums. My sales have dropped, my views are nonexistent and my hearts are few and far between. Great job!

Many thanks from all of the sellers and buyers who loved the forums just the way the were. Teams are not the answer, in fact they are a deterrent.

In a stagnant Michigan economy where unemployment is over 23% in my county my little ray of sunshine has been taken away. After working so hard to create a business in which I could be seen by so many others, that glimmer of hope is gone.

Thanks again!


  1. You should try Zibbet. The forums are great and I've made quite a few sales/trades from them!

  2. Try Artfire- forum is open, sales are great at 9.95 a month now for a pro store, you can't beat the price.