Saturday, April 2, 2011

Etsy Sales Have Plummeted....But They Don't Care

I do miss the old Etsy. My sales plummeted in both shops when they messed up the forums and made everyone join teams. I think they really don't understand or don't care that some of us little shops are suffering less sales no matter how much we promote off-Etsy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Got your Etsy "Success" Email Yet? And the Fuckery continues

"I just got an "Etsy success" email today. These are emails you have to specifically sign up for, so not everyone gets them. Pretty much only sellers would be subscribed to them, because they are tips and advice for improving your sales. So buyers-only would not receive this and even many sellers would not receive it.

email subject line:
Photo Tips and a Note About Feedback

The main story is how to improve your photos.
That's pretty much the focus of every frikkin success email.
photos photos photos photos photos photos photos
photos photos photos photos photos photos photos
photos photos photos photos photos photos photos
so you tend to glaze over when you see the word.

the secondary smaller story, "a Note About Feedback" is a copy of the "rethinking feedback" Storque post from today.

I'm sure that Etsy considers this email to have fulfilled their obligation to inform their users about the change in privacy.

Now given that subject line, and the fact this is an opt-in email primarily geared towards seller tips, many sellers would just think it's about how to promote return business through feedback, or how to write creative feedback, or something. Who would ever guess it's actually important information about account privacy?
And therefore, many sellers who receive this won't even read it.
Not to mention all the buyers who don't even receive the "Etsy success" emails.

But in Etsy's mind, they have done due diligence and informed their users about the change!
You just watch Rokali argue with someone:
"But we did email about this!"

yes, you emails a small group of sellers who happened to subscribe, and you used a vague subject line that didn't even mention PRIVACY.
due diligence my ass."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Etsy Scrambles to 'fix' it's Latest Fuck UP

Rob Kalin says:
"We have been working quickly to make changes based on your input and opinions. We will continue to work on this, for what’s really needed is a rethinking of our entire Feedback system. In the meantime, all purchases are private, and feedback doesn’t link to items."


"We've been panicking and working quickly to make stupid, reactive changes ever since yesterday when this issue went viral. Before that, we ignored your input and opinions for weeks and months."


Funny how Kalin only listens and gets involved when shit leaks to the media.   Wonder who sent all of those press releases anyway??  hee hee

Saturday, March 12, 2011

From Etsy to Artfire; Etsians are moving to Artfire

"Every young girl in high school fell in love with a boy who told them, “I love you. I'm here for you. You can trust me, what we have is real.” And we believed it. We were overjoyed, and it seemed like nothing could dull the shine of the stars in our eyes. But then we found out it wasn't real, and with no explanations it was over. All that lingered were unanswered questions. “What did I do wrong? Is there something wrong with me? Was it all just a game?” We were heartbroken, and devastated, and hurt. That hurt quickly turned to anger at the one who hurt us.
When I first joined Etsy, I was told over and over, “you're in a safe place, we're here to help you, we want you to succeed. The admin team is here to support you, and you can share and express your thoughts, ideas and opinions with other sellers in our wonderful forums. You can trust us.” And I believed them. I was overjoyed. I felt a genuine sense of community, I made friends, and a few sales.
And suddenly the rug was ripped out from under me. With no explanations, everything changed. I quickly realized that no one was there for me, and my opinions most certainly did not matter. I am left with nothing but unanswered questions.
And I was heartbroken once again, and hurt. I don't think it would seem so bad if there weren't the constant reassurances of “We still love you... you just have to fall in line.”
I still have friends there, some are flourishing, managing to play the game, and play it well. And I wish them nothing but success. I have not been a vocal Etsy basher. But I get it. People thought they had a safe haven, and when they found out they didn't they were hurt and angry.
But just like with bad high school romances, we'll eventually get over the hurt and move on. Sometimes it just takes time. And a little venting."

Saturday, March 5, 2011

On Circles and the Socialization of Etsy

"I don't believe I have ever posted publicly online what I'm about to say...

I was once stalked by a very sick, evil person. My life during this time was pure hell.
I take my privacy very seriously and evidently, etsy does not.

All this forced socialization is going to get someone hurt."

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dumb quote of the day by Etsy Admin

"Find your friends on Etsy .  Etsy is more fun with friends. Find Your Friends is a powerful way to find people you know on Etsy, and invite people you know who aren't yet on Etsy to join and connect with you."

and a quick response from one seller:

""Etsy is more fun with friends".

This is very true...where did they all go???"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Questions and more questions for Etsy. But no answers.

"Hey Etsy !
Can you explain all this to us?
Why is a reseller that you know is a reseller still allowed to sell on your site? This seller is a former Ebay seller who found she could sell and list at a lower rate on your site. How can you justify this in any way? You are aware of this and you have chosen to do nothing. Why do you mute sellers and shut down shops who ask you these type of questions? Why aren't you legally obligated to follow your own TOU? This seller makes much ado about her religious beliefs while clearly violating several of that religions commandments. Splain this to us please!"