Saturday, April 2, 2011

Etsy Sales Have Plummeted....But They Don't Care

I do miss the old Etsy. My sales plummeted in both shops when they messed up the forums and made everyone join teams. I think they really don't understand or don't care that some of us little shops are suffering less sales no matter how much we promote off-Etsy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Got your Etsy "Success" Email Yet? And the Fuckery continues

"I just got an "Etsy success" email today. These are emails you have to specifically sign up for, so not everyone gets them. Pretty much only sellers would be subscribed to them, because they are tips and advice for improving your sales. So buyers-only would not receive this and even many sellers would not receive it.

email subject line:
Photo Tips and a Note About Feedback

The main story is how to improve your photos.
That's pretty much the focus of every frikkin success email.
photos photos photos photos photos photos photos
photos photos photos photos photos photos photos
photos photos photos photos photos photos photos
so you tend to glaze over when you see the word.

the secondary smaller story, "a Note About Feedback" is a copy of the "rethinking feedback" Storque post from today.

I'm sure that Etsy considers this email to have fulfilled their obligation to inform their users about the change in privacy.

Now given that subject line, and the fact this is an opt-in email primarily geared towards seller tips, many sellers would just think it's about how to promote return business through feedback, or how to write creative feedback, or something. Who would ever guess it's actually important information about account privacy?
And therefore, many sellers who receive this won't even read it.
Not to mention all the buyers who don't even receive the "Etsy success" emails.

But in Etsy's mind, they have done due diligence and informed their users about the change!
You just watch Rokali argue with someone:
"But we did email about this!"

yes, you emails a small group of sellers who happened to subscribe, and you used a vague subject line that didn't even mention PRIVACY.
due diligence my ass."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Etsy Scrambles to 'fix' it's Latest Fuck UP

Rob Kalin says:
"We have been working quickly to make changes based on your input and opinions. We will continue to work on this, for what’s really needed is a rethinking of our entire Feedback system. In the meantime, all purchases are private, and feedback doesn’t link to items."


"We've been panicking and working quickly to make stupid, reactive changes ever since yesterday when this issue went viral. Before that, we ignored your input and opinions for weeks and months."


Funny how Kalin only listens and gets involved when shit leaks to the media.   Wonder who sent all of those press releases anyway??  hee hee

Saturday, March 12, 2011

From Etsy to Artfire; Etsians are moving to Artfire

"Every young girl in high school fell in love with a boy who told them, “I love you. I'm here for you. You can trust me, what we have is real.” And we believed it. We were overjoyed, and it seemed like nothing could dull the shine of the stars in our eyes. But then we found out it wasn't real, and with no explanations it was over. All that lingered were unanswered questions. “What did I do wrong? Is there something wrong with me? Was it all just a game?” We were heartbroken, and devastated, and hurt. That hurt quickly turned to anger at the one who hurt us.
When I first joined Etsy, I was told over and over, “you're in a safe place, we're here to help you, we want you to succeed. The admin team is here to support you, and you can share and express your thoughts, ideas and opinions with other sellers in our wonderful forums. You can trust us.” And I believed them. I was overjoyed. I felt a genuine sense of community, I made friends, and a few sales.
And suddenly the rug was ripped out from under me. With no explanations, everything changed. I quickly realized that no one was there for me, and my opinions most certainly did not matter. I am left with nothing but unanswered questions.
And I was heartbroken once again, and hurt. I don't think it would seem so bad if there weren't the constant reassurances of “We still love you... you just have to fall in line.”
I still have friends there, some are flourishing, managing to play the game, and play it well. And I wish them nothing but success. I have not been a vocal Etsy basher. But I get it. People thought they had a safe haven, and when they found out they didn't they were hurt and angry.
But just like with bad high school romances, we'll eventually get over the hurt and move on. Sometimes it just takes time. And a little venting."

Saturday, March 5, 2011

On Circles and the Socialization of Etsy

"I don't believe I have ever posted publicly online what I'm about to say...

I was once stalked by a very sick, evil person. My life during this time was pure hell.
I take my privacy very seriously and evidently, etsy does not.

All this forced socialization is going to get someone hurt."

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dumb quote of the day by Etsy Admin

"Find your friends on Etsy .  Etsy is more fun with friends. Find Your Friends is a powerful way to find people you know on Etsy, and invite people you know who aren't yet on Etsy to join and connect with you."

and a quick response from one seller:

""Etsy is more fun with friends".

This is very true...where did they all go???"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Questions and more questions for Etsy. But no answers.

"Hey Etsy !
Can you explain all this to us?
Why is a reseller that you know is a reseller still allowed to sell on your site? This seller is a former Ebay seller who found she could sell and list at a lower rate on your site. How can you justify this in any way? You are aware of this and you have chosen to do nothing. Why do you mute sellers and shut down shops who ask you these type of questions? Why aren't you legally obligated to follow your own TOU? This seller makes much ado about her religious beliefs while clearly violating several of that religions commandments. Splain this to us please!"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"It's Just Not Working"

"I'm all gleefully passionate about helping out new Etsy sellers. I make treasuries and recently started a tumblr to help get amazing new shops some great exposure. (check out it out if you like: *******)

However, since the obliteration of the forums, it's been a lot harder to find newbies. Pounce is my friend, obviously, but once a great shop gets its first sale, it's pretty hard to find. 

I used to scour the forums for dedicated sellers who were working hard on their shops and felt desperate for a little help. So many talented new sellers would come to the forums looking for advice in critiques, or a sale in promos, and I would snap them up and give them what little help I could. 

The way the teams are now just isn't attracting new sellers the way the forums were. It's scattered and intimidating for newbies. It's just not working. 

I may not have posted much in the old forums, but they were still a valuable tool to me and an integral part of my Etsy experience. Obviously the many complex ways that the forums contributed to Etsy were not considered before it was decided to destroy them. I know that Etsy will not listen to this. But I figured I would speak up for those of us who lurked the forums for reasons that helped Etsy as a whole.

It's frustrating that I can't uncover passionate new etsy artists the way I used to! I mean, I still find a lot of great sellers, but I miss the days when I could just open up critiques and find a plethora of new talent."

Monday, February 21, 2011

And the Questions Continue in this thread

****** says
I come into the forum only to find my thread is gone, and only 5 categories? Am I missing something? I feel as if I'm in the twilight zone...


********** says
You have to go join one or more of 1880 possible teams instead of coming to one place where members congregate. Welcome to the cornfield. 
I'd like to shake the hand of whoever wished us there.

********* says
whaaat!? more needless things i see. so no more promoting out in the open, huh. this bites.

********** says
no no no no no! we must not promote out in the open to buyers anymore! new rules! LOL (at this rule)!

buyers have to have an unexplainable great urge and urgent need to go and look at all the millions of all the millions teams' threads to see what we are promoting!

********** says
Etsy decided that allowing us to socialize in one place was too hard and overwhelming for sellers.

So they split us up into around 2000 teams.

See, that makes socializing much easier and keeps new sellers from being overwhelmed.

And if you don't see the logic in what I am saying, that just means you haven't eaten enough cupcakes yet.

************* says
Its kind of counterproductive if you ask me. Why the freak would you want to join so many teams??? Grrrrr!

************ says
I have been with Etsy for about 2 years now. I have yet to complain about anythhing they have done, as I have figured I didn't know the whole story...... But this forum stuff is not at all user friendly. I feel for the newbies, I learned so much when I first came and still do, from hanging out and reading. I have no idea where to even look now. I am sure Etsy has their reasoning, but for the life of me I don't get it :(

*************** says
If the thread you started was in site help, click on the word site help and all the threads will come up and not just the first 5. It will go back to the top if someone adds to it.

************ says
@jhfabriccreations-The thread I was looking for was in Promotions. I was trying to post a new reply, but I couldn't for the life of me find the box to type in. Lol. That was frustrating.
************ says
good luck, god bless...bring a sandwich

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hey Etsy, Muting People Isn't the Answer! Perhaps try LISTENING instead?

"There will always be new complainers, because the complaints are about REAL problems.
Etsy keeps thinking if they can just get rid of the people who complain that will solve the problem.
No, it wont, because the thing they complained about is still there. The complainers are not the source of the problem. They are a symptom.
It's like having a leak in the roof and you just keep painting over the water stains in the ceiling but you never fix the roof.
Etsy won't fix the problems ate the source, so the complaints will not stop. A new crop just replaces the muted."

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Have you ever tried to find a specific item on Etsy? If so, you can probably relate: (long but worth the read!)


Grocery store Etsyfied. 

Grocery stores across the country are all basically the same. They layout may vary but the idea is always the same. They all have their meat section, produce section, bread isle, cereal, paper, pet supplies dairy etc.... 
They all usually have displays in prominent areas. Lets call these

“featured items.” 

Usually these are seasonal specials. Halloween will feature candy, trick or treat supplies, and so on. Things you don’t always buy. Thanksgiving will have your pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce, stuffing mix and like that. You will never see staple items in the featured section. No milk, eggs, butter. People will buy those regardless so no need to “feature” them. In fact, stores put staple items in the most out of the way place possible so you have to walk past everything else to get to them. 
But seasonal stuff? OH yea. That gets featured. Deep discount sales? Need to move something that hasn’t been selling? Featured.

So... Lets say corn flakes is on my shopping list. I find the cereal isle, some stores will have all brands of corn flakes together. Others may split them up by brand name, but they are all in basically the same spot right?

Now.... lets take our good old normal super market and Etsyfie it.

So I need corn flakes. I go down what was the cereal isle, what is still called the cereal isle, but.... instead of finding corn flakes, I find a pile of corn. Next to that, some corn taco shells. They have corn in them don’t ya know. Then the corn bread, corn muffin mix, corn dogs. Under that is a small box of corn flakes. YEA but I need a large one. Gotta keep looking. Next to the small box I see some milk. We all know you have to have milk on corn flakes so they put the milk next to them. And next to that is a nice box of mac and cheese. WHY? Well that blue box looks so good next to the yellow corn flake one so they put them side by side. Bananas are close, so are assorted berries. And also found very close to where my corn flakes should be, is a bottle of dandruff shampoo. Hmmm. Really? No “corn” in that. But.... although it isn’t part of the product name, the word “flakes” is in the description. I have to wonder if the person who comes in looking for the dandruff shampoo will ever find it?

If this isn’t bad enough, other shoppers with their own carts full start asking me if I’d like to look at the stuff they like. 
Things they have 

"Favorited." Or "Hearted."

Still others have cart loads that seem to have some kind of theme going. We’ll call these little gems, 

“treasury carts.” 

One has all things that contain pink. Frosting, cake mix, shampoo, dish liquid, lobsters, hamburger, donuts.
One is full of all things that foam. Egg whites, soda pop, rug shampoo, hair shampoo, whipping cream.
These cart people are eager to share with me their wonderful collection. And IF I stop to look, they will take me by the hand and walk me away from my corn flake quest. Every time I try to return, another one takes me by the hand and walks me somewhere other than where I want to be. Do I want the stuff in their carts? Um, noooo, thanks, interesting collection, but no. Not what I came here to buy.

Next, there will be 


Groups of experts. I find a team talking all about corn. Everything I might want to know about corn. Sounds interesting. Maybe they can tell me where my corn flakes are. But no. They whisk me away off to the outdoors section and start prattling on about how to grow corn. Um, interesting, not what I want though, thanks anyway.

Back to the “cereal” isle I go. 

But wait. Six years ago, I bought a box of fruit roll ups. Didn’t like them. I’d rather eat an apple than some apple flavored corn syrup goo with the consistency of tar. So I never bought them again. There are lots of products I’ve tried and never bought again. I’m sure you have all done that.
But.... the store knows what I bought in the past. And along comes a store rep holding samples of all the junk I tried once and never bought again. And other stuff, like milk, I buy all the time. When I need it I'll buy it. She gets between me and my corn flake quest to show me 

“things you might also like.”

She is blocking my view of what I do want. How do I get this collection of "other stuff" out of my way???

FInally I find a box of corn something or other. Looks like flakes, not sure, could be good so I start to read the box. Or... the product 


But I can’t read what’s in it because the thing is covered with stickers. Pictures of those treasury carts, other things I might like, (Those things I know I don’t like.) Oh wait. I see it, gotta life up some flap to read what’s in this box. Very unappealing, so I put it back.

Returning to my quest, seems this is taking all day. Suddenly whole groups of shoppers start circling. They want me to join their 
"circle." Look at MEEEE No look at MEEEEE, come join MEEEEE
Go look at the circle this person also circles with. Circles one persons circled person circles with. They start to pull me away from the cereal isle again! I'm getting dizzy!
Will any of these circles take me to my corn flakes?
Know what? This has been a carnival ride, but I think I’ll find a store that is better organized.

Sound familiar?"

Friday, February 18, 2011

This just in from one of Etsy's Biggest, Most Popular Sellers

"I had my fingers slapped recently for a thread I started. I questioned the reason behind it, & the reason was swiftly changed to something even more vague & bewildering.

My tactic is to not post on the forum so much any more. I can't read minds, predict the future, or keep ahead of any arbitrary, inconsistent reasons why I might be reprimanded.

Also, I have worked hard to become an independent business person & have made a lot of sacrifices to get here, & I love being my own boss. The last thing I need is to be treated like a child & given conduct lessons - especially by a corporation of which I am a CUSTOMER, not an employee, not a subordinate.

So anyway, that's my take on recent developments. Meh."

Where do I UNSIGN UP....

"for the Etsy newsletter? 

I have tolerated it since the bootcamp thing at Christmas...

but the last straw was this morning when it said the TEAMS are there to grow your shop...BS I can't find anybody anymore unless I remembered their exact shop name...I have lost so many contacts, shops, and acquaintances, and do not have the time to look thru a gazzillion TEAMS!

Thanks ETSY for convincing me to NOT want your babblings anymore."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is Etsy beginning to realize the error of its ways? Doubtful. Big Ego. Small Brain.

"So I read on UEF today that Etsy is considering expanding the permissable topics in the business section to include some of the topics they just banished to the netherworld of teams. 

Step through the looking glass into Etsy's fantasyland where VC funding means never having to say you're sorry (or acknowledge that you've eff'd up).


I'll bet certain peeps read the WSJ article today that describes how much trouble venture-funded companies are having getting their money out of the business when they sell. Couldn't happen to a nicer, more responsive, more thoughtful and customer-oriented group of people. Doo-da."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Also Regarding the 'Conversation Hearts' Storque Article Fiasco

"I started to write a comment on the blog article itself, but the comments were locked. In the event Etsy reads this thread, I'll just post it here. It seems out of place now, but oh well.

Writer, you were probably just trying to be edgy, I get it. "Oh, I'll use masturbation analogies for 5th graders! I'll pretend that GATE kids are better than other kids! And I'll use homophobic graphics! The juxtaposition of the sugary heart candy with all the grown up 'problems' like herpes and being gay will be so original and avant-garde!"

Originally, I was offended by this piece. I reread it a day later, curious to see if I was over-reacting. I don't believe I was, I think I just had the *wrong* reaction. Instead, now I pity you, Writer, for trying and failing. The best artists and writers and so on who are 'edgy' and 'shocking' are the ones trying to reveal a deeper truth about humanity that sometimes others around them can't grasp at first. Lenny Bruce, Pina Bausch, Bertolt Brecht, John Steinbeck, Jean-Michel Basquiat and so on and so on. 

This example of your writing, however, brings to mind a 4th rate Howard Stern. But perhaps I'm presuming too much of your ambitions; perhaps all you really want to do is make money writing, and goodness knows Howard Stern types make gobs of it. Perhaps Etsy sought you out specifically, knowing your brand of Edgy is likeJerry Springer - fluffy, inconsequential, yet mildly entertaining when sitting around in the lobby waiting to be called into jury duty at 3 in the afternoon and the remote has no batteries. That very well could have been the precise effect Etsy was going for when they used you for the Storque, and you can't be blamed for just doing what you do.

Me? I just make coasters. Unassuming, unpretentious little items that guard your coffee table against stains. I will never produce anything Great or life-changing. I think we have a kinship, dear Writer, you and I."

With Regard to the "Conversation Hearts" Fiasco in Etsy's Blog, The Storque

"Good grief. So etsy can masterbatorially drizzle all over the blog, but the *comments* are offensive?

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(this in reaction to Etsy's closing the comment section of the article)

A Thank You to Etsy

...To Etsy for eliminating the forums. My sales have dropped, my views are nonexistent and my hearts are few and far between. Great job!

Many thanks from all of the sellers and buyers who loved the forums just the way the were. Teams are not the answer, in fact they are a deterrent.

In a stagnant Michigan economy where unemployment is over 23% in my county my little ray of sunshine has been taken away. After working so hard to create a business in which I could be seen by so many others, that glimmer of hope is gone.

Thanks again!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Destined to be a Classic!

How Do You Fail Me? Let Me Count The Ways

You fail me with your nihilistic promise of a handmade site, yet, when resellers come calling you welcome them and ignore my plight.

You fail me and my vintage treasures, from bygone times when quality ruled.

You fail me when modern impostors have you so easily fooled.

You fail me when lack of integrity blinds your sight.

You fail me when you dismiss alchemy, the epitome of custom creativity, you fail me again with erratic search functionality.

You fail me when you decimate the community, you fail me when like a wilful child I am silenced with impunity! - and if you have your way

You will fail me more with each passing day.

Apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning for abusing her beautiful penmanship as the basis for my foil of discontent.

Tuesday, February 15...And it continues...

I went to the forums today and was sickened by the new format and the lack of comments.......I swear tumbleweeds actually rolled out of my monitor!! The forums are so closely monitored, it makes me wonder what etsy admin is afraid of. Etsy has lost its vision and forgotten that the sellers are their customers.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Gem on this Fine Monday!

"If Etsy insists its focus is social first and commerce second, then that is how I am going to treat Etsy. I will come here to be social, and do my commerce on other sites.

You would be amazed how liberating that can be."

Short and Sweet on Valentine's Day

"Etsy:  We put the F.U. in Forums"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Just In! (the inbox is hummin')

"Etsy isn't Facebook. We aren't interested in reliving the cliques and drama we encountered in 7th grade. We are tired of your taking our money, treating us like imbeciles and giving us a 3rd rate version of Ebay."

What? Two Posts in the Same Day? Yes, that's how mad Etsy Sellers Are!

This quote just in and a great big shout out to the contributor (you know who you are).

"They blew a major chance to grow as a unique independent business & as I told [my husband] the other day, it's as ifAni DiFranco suddenly decided to sign with Warner Brothers."

February 13, 2011

The 13th of February, an appropriate day to start a new blog taking quotes from Etsy Sellers.   All sellers will remain anonymous to protect their shops--Etsy has been known to retaliate against sellers who speak out.

Today's quote comes from a seller who no longer frequents Etsy and has taken their shop elsewhere.

"I applaud all the sellers there, that make sales, but I can't do it. Etsy has always made me feel like the ugly girl at the prom, who can't find a date."

BRAVO!   And thank you for speaking out!

If you find a quote that you would like included, shoot me an email: