Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Destined to be a Classic!

How Do You Fail Me? Let Me Count The Ways

You fail me with your nihilistic promise of a handmade site, yet, when resellers come calling you welcome them and ignore my plight.

You fail me and my vintage treasures, from bygone times when quality ruled.

You fail me when modern impostors have you so easily fooled.

You fail me when lack of integrity blinds your sight.

You fail me when you dismiss alchemy, the epitome of custom creativity, you fail me again with erratic search functionality.

You fail me when you decimate the community, you fail me when like a wilful child I am silenced with impunity! - and if you have your way

You will fail me more with each passing day.

Apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning for abusing her beautiful penmanship as the basis for my foil of discontent.

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